Is the EWOL propeller offering also to smaller boats the same characteristics and advantages of the original E3 ORION.

Is a cutting-edge feather propeller made by EWOL using high-resistance stainless steels: its core is made up of gears that allow the blades to navigate according to the fluid threads of the water while sailing and provide the correct angle of incidence during engine navigation, improving both sailing and motor boat performance.

The orientation of the blades is fully automatic and the micrometric setting of the pitch is performed from the outside using the adjustment ring. This allows the thrust to be optimized during the motorized gear, providing high cruising speeds at a low number of revs, with the consequent reductions in fuel consumption.

E3 ANDROMEDA brilliantly solves the problem of the lack of manoeuvrability of the boats when reversing, especially under difficult environmental conditions such as strong winds, limited spaces, rough seas, etc.

E3 ANDROMEDA propeller was designed to be installed, removed and adjusted with ease in just a few minutes, even with the boat in water.

E3 ANDROMEDA contains innovative technical solutions in its shell combined with the use of advanced materials that guarantee mechanical characteristics and corrosion resistance that are far superior to those of traditional propellers.


E3 ANDROMEDAis currently in the design and testing phase, and will be available for sale starting from autumn this year.