In summer 2017, at the time of its twentieth year of business, EWOL added the E4 PEGASUS model to its standard production range.

Following 2 years of intense development in our laboratories, E4 PEGASUS was designed for large and luxurious sailing yachts, Maxi and miniMaxi, generally between 60-100 feet long, with an engine power of about 400-500 HP.

Its large surface area covers 4 blades, E4 PEGASUS ensures an important and efficient thrust both going forward and in reverse, providing high cruising speeds, great boat manoeuvrability, but at the same time smooth and safe reversing.

Like all EWOL propellers, E4 PEGASUS owes its exceptional features to its quality materials.

There are 3 versions of E4 PEGASUS: Full Super-Duplex Steel, Super-Duplex with Titanium blades, or all-Titanium