One of the most important features that makes EWOL propellers stand out from their competitors regards their mechanical and corrosion resistance.  These characteristics are due mainly to the use of special stainless steel alloys known as Duplex and Superduplex, which guarantee unparalleled durability, with the only parts subject to wear being the sliding bushings, the zinc anode and the rubber damper bulb in the Sail-Drive version.

EWOL is the only propeller with interchangeable parts subject to wear, which enables to have completely overhauled propellers even after many years. Replacement of the sliding bushings, in fact, allows to have precise resetting of operations thus making the propeller always ‘as new’ and perfectly functional.

The standard maintenance schedule for EWOL propellers is as follows:

  • Replacement of sliding bushings every 700 hours or 4-5 years from installation
  • Replacement of damper bulb for the Sail-Drive version every 500 hours or 3-4 years from installation
  • Propeller greasing every 1-2 years
  • Replacement of zinc sacrificial anode every year

Moreover, not everyone knows that EWOL propellers are modular, and, therefore, in the event of changing boat, our clients can update their propeller to match the characteristics of their new boat (i.e. different diameter, bigger or smaller hub, addition of line cutters, etc).  These operations guarantee important financial advantages. In fact this operation, despite costing more than simple standard maintenance, leads to undoubted savings compared to the purchase of a new propeller.

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